Primal Pet Gear was featured on for BEST Dual Handle Dog Leash!

We recently received great news that our Best Selling Dual Handle Dog Leash was featured and reviewed on and voted for the Best Dual Handle Dog Leash!

"The Primal Pet Gear Dog Leash has a double-handle design that makes it easy to shorten your dog’s range when needed. The nylon design is 6 feet long with a thick 1-inch width that makes it feel sturdy when walking larger dogs, and both of its handles are lined with extra padding, which made it comfortable to hold. Even when our dogs were pulling, it was easy to keep a sturdy grip on the leash, though we did wish the second handle was a little higher up. Still, the leash is well-made and held up perfectly after several weeks of use"

Length: 6 feet | Material: Nylon | Handles: Two | Reflective: Yes | D-Ring: Yes

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