5 Simple steps to toilet training your puppy using Potty Training Bells

You know when you buy a new puppy, take it home and it starts peeing and pooing on your favourite rug, the side of your couch, doorways, hallway, bathroom floor, carpets, you get the drift.

Puppy toilet training is crucial from day one to teach your dog where it can relieve itself without feeling guilty when you show displeasure long after the act. Pets practice mindfulness and live in the now thus it is pointless scolding your animal unless you catch it in the act as it will have no idea why they have upset their favourite human whom they really want to please.


Searching for a solution I came across  a unique method of training your puppy with a simple reward based system that makes it clear and simple for both you and your dog to follow along and with a bit of persistence and positive reinforcement success is highly probable.


The Puppy training dog potty bells are simple in their design which consist of largish zinc allow bells attached to a nylon leash with an adjustable strap which allows you to hang it from a door handle at 2 different lengths from the ground, depending on the height of your dog or puppy.


The idea is that with persistence and gentle positive reinforcement you can get your puppy to tell you when they need to go potty so you can open the door and let it outside to relieve itself and get a treat or praise as a reward. With time, you will have a happy puppy and save yourself hundreds of dollars replacing expensive items and the constant unsightly odour and mess you have to clean up again and again, and again.


Here is how it works in 5 easy steps:


Step 1:

Hang the potty training bells on the door where you normally take your puppy to relieve itself.


Step 2:

Associate the bells with something positive. Every time you take your dog outside to go potty get it to sit near the doorbells and every time he or she strikes the bell with its paws shower it with affection and offer a treat. Your puppy will begin to associate the ringing of the bell with something good.


Step 3:

Train your dog or puppy to ring the bell on its own.


Here are a number of ways to achieve this:

  1. Tap your finger on the back of the window or wall behind the bell and say “OUTSIDE” but don’t ring the bell yourself, your puppy will ring the bell when trying to get to your finger.
  2. Hold a treat with the hand you are putting behind the bell, the puppy will reach for the treat    and in the process ring the bell. Reinforce this by saying “OUTSIDE” immediately and offer praise or a treat.
  3. If the other 2 methods above fail, hit the bell with the puppy’s paw and say “OUTSIDE” then reward with praise or a treat.


Step 4:

Be Consistent, Make it as easy as possible for your puppy to ring the bell, using one of the 3 methods mentioned in Step 3. Do not complicate it by mixing methods.


Step 5:

Once the puppy is trained you can use it on different doors or additional doors including when holidaying with your dog or it is staying with a carer whilst you are away. If you part with your dog due to unforeseeable circumstances, let the new owners know they have been bell trained.