3 Reasons Why you need a Double Handle Dog Leash for your Medium, Large or Giant Breed

Whilst there are many types of leashes out there for your dog or new puppy, not all of them are created equally - especially when it comes to medium and large dogs or even Giant breeds.

These dogs are powerful and maybe unruly if not properly trained, requiring a level of control you don’t get with your standard dog leads.

Speaking from my own experiences I have always had a fondness for the larger dogs having owned at one stage or another a German Shepherd, a Newfoundland and currently 2 English Staffies. I was always on quest to find the perfect dog leash that would be specially designed to meet the needs of medium to giant dog breeds and their handlers alike.


In 2015, I came across a leash that would, with improvements over the years based on feedback from now over 8000 4.8* reviews on Amazon, become a best seller and a long awaited solution for thousands of big dog owners around the world.

Introducing, the Double Handle Dog Leash and the reason, why its superior to the usual dog leash with one handle at the 1 ft end, and a second handle at the end of the leash whether 6ft or 8ft away.



Keep your dog close in high traffic areas such as foot paths, road crossings, other people and animals to prevent bites, fights and complaints with the shorter handle or allow your dog the freedom to sniff and explore with the longer 6ft or 8ft handle.


Safety - The shorter handle could save your dogs life by preventing it from running on to the road or other busy traffic areas. Double sided reflective stitching keeps you and your dog visible whilst walking at night


Teach your dog to heel and walk beside you not pulling you