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Doggy Bells - Toilet Train Your New Puppy Dog the Easy Way - 4 Colours

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Now You Can Finally Keep Your House Clean And Tidy With Primal Pet Gear Potty Training Doggy Door Bells: The Most Effective Potty Training Tool

Are you tired of cleaning your home three times per day because your new puppy makes your home a mess when you are away?

Puppies need to be trained in order to understand that it's not okay to urinate or defecate inside the house. Many people use absurd ways of potty training like beating their dogs. But that's not what a responsible pet owner like you should do.

Especially when there are much better, easier and MORE EFFECTIVE ways to POTTY TRAIN your dog!

Primal Pet Gear Doggy Bells are cleverly designed potty training door bell which can effectively teach your dog to eliminate in the right place!

How It Will Help You:

  • It makes potty training easier and less exhausting for both you and your dog or puppy! 
  • Simply hang it on the door and follow the instructions to teach your dog to ring the bell when it needs to eliminate!
  • It will save you tons of time on cleaning a messed up living room! No more poop on your carpets, floor or bedroom - Primal Pet Gear Doggy Bells will teach your puppy how to go outside when it needs to go to the toilet! 

What are you waiting for?

Primal Pet Gear Potty Training Doggy Bells sell like crazy - get yours before we run out of stock!

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