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Primal Pet Gear Dog Collar - Tough Water, Dirt, Mould, Smell Resistant Collars

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These waterproof collars are great for active dogs that tend to get wet and muddy.

Unlike most dog collars that will absorb water and odours, these durable polyurethane coated collars are made for the wettest and stinkiest of situations.

They are also extremely strong and come in a variety of high visibility colours.

My dog Tyson went through numerous dog collars before we found these. I couldn't stand the smell of his other collars when they got wet and would end up having to toss them out.

These waterproof dog collars will never smell because water and dirt cannot possibly absorb into them. I also like them because the price is right and they will last forever. Once you try one of these waterproof dog collars you will wonder why you didn't find them sooner.

Waterproof Dog Collar Features:

  • 100% Waterproof
  • Black or Red with Soft Neoprene Padding for your Dog's comfort.
  • Soil, Odour, and Rot Resistant
  • Easily Cleaned & Durable
  • Can Be Cut Without Needing To Burn Edge
  • Identify Dog In The Field
  • Heavy Gauge Nickel Plated Hardware & Capped Rivets.

Sizing Tip

**If your dog is at the high end of a size or you like the collar to be slightly loose, we recommend going up to the next size. You can always add holes or cut these collars down if necessary.