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Double Handle Dog Leash - 6FT - Walk, Train and Protect your Pet in Traffic

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Are you concerned about your dog's safety when you're out?

Stop searching, we have what you need: the Primal Pet Gear Double Handle Dog Leash.

Designed with top-quality durable but soft heavy duty nylon, our dog leash features 2 handles, one at the end of the leash at 6ft and another at 1ft from the clip. The long one is perfect for casual walks, extended sniffing and loose leash walking, the shorter one is great for busy sidewalks, bike paths and crowded areas that require that you have instant, up-close control of your k9. Can be used as a Training aid to control Dominance and Aggression.

Keep your beloved dog safe no matter where you go. Plus, you've got soft padding on both handles so your palms will be comfortable even if your walk is longer than usually.

You can walk at slow speed or even start running if the area is not crowded, so you can both get some exercise!

Ideal for large, medium and even some small dog breeds, our Double Handle Dog Leash is a must-have for any conscious dog owner who cares about their four-legged companion!

Some big advantages include:

  • 2 handles: one at 6ft and another 1ft from the clip.
  • Great control of your dog in both busy and less crowded areas.
  • Extra padding on handles adds comfort.
  • Dog's range of motion is limited when you're holding the short handle.
  • 30 Day Money-back guarantee and a 12 month Replacement Warranty.

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